Destination Control Lifts

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Destination Control Lifts

What are destination control system elevators?

Security is becoming an ever essential necessity for property managers across the UK. Access, therefore, plays a vital role in occupancy and building safety – this is where destination control lifts can help.

For some time many of the high-rise premium buildings in the UK have benefited from swipe card security systems for entry and lift access.

Known as Destination Control lifts, passenger lifts are able to respond to remote swipe cards that are scanned at a building’s entrance. Once scanned, the lift controller is sent a digital message to allow the user entry to the lift car and transport only to the designated floor.

Working with our technology partners, Liftec can install and maintain destination control systems and a range of associated building security systems.

Liftec’s destination control solutions

Over the past years, like many industries, the lift industry has moved with care towards environmentally friendly, energy efficient, solid state managed machinery.

Today, customers have a wide range of options open to them when commissioning new lifts, so now it is even more necessary to select a supplier based on their knowledge and experience of what is available and what products best interface with each other to achieve the set objectives.

As an independent lift manufacturer, Liftec is not driven by the desire to install standard model lifts but importantly, lifts that meet the needs of both budget and performance taking into account the technology available.

This includes in-shaft, machine-room-less-drives, geared and gearless DC and variable voltage and variable frequency AC drives. Of course we also utilise state-of-the-art hydraulic technology in low-rise buildings.

If you would like to discuss destination control lifts and the options available to you, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.

For further details of the services we provide please contact us:

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