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Delivering on expectations is core to the lift services Liftec provides to our customers. Every one of our customers and their travelling passengers, irrespective of whether travelling in a lift or on an escalator, expect fully serviced, safe and reliable travel. Like our customers, we also expect the lifts and escalators we maintain to provide safe and reliable floor to floor transport. Our engineers work hard to ensure this is always the case, however sometimes vandalism and technical failures mean there are occasions when it is not. To respond to these situations Liftec provides a 24 hour, 365 day emergency call out service (contract dependant) manned by local engineers to help ensure a speedy result.

We also understand that not all lifts and escalators need or require the same level of maintenance. As a result Liftec offers a range of contracts all of which can be tailored to a specific location or usage pattern. Please read the Contact page within this website.

For further details of the services we provide please contact us:

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