Mobility Lifts

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Mobility Lifts

Almost all building owners and managers are aware of and have taken some, if not all, of the actions needed to ensure the mobility lifts they manage comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

In the first instance the need was to take reasonable actions to make lifts accessible to all passengers, irrespective of their physical status, and these include wheelchair lifts. So, in many cases the updating of car operating panels and handrail positioning along with some of the other items that were needed were scheduled for improvement at a later date.

If this is the case for your disabled access lifts, Liftec can help with an on-site lift accessibility survey. With this free survey completed, we provide a written proposal of how best to make your lift as disability friendly as possible.

If you don’t already have a mobility lift installed, we also provide installation services.

Modernisation Options:

  • Car operating panels
  • Car and Landing signalisation
  • Car size
  • Door operating speeds and safety edges
  • Voice annunciation
  • Floor levelling
  • Visual displays

Looking for a new mobility lift?

Liftec can also install a new mobility lift for both residential and commercial buildings. Visit our disabled lifts installation page here.

For more information on our mobility lift modernisation solutions, fill out the form on the right or get in contact with us today.

For further details of the services we provide please contact us:

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