Project Description

Residential lift modernisation


As part of a long-term framework agreement with Brighton and Hove City Council, Liftec is responsible for the maintenance and minor refurbishments of 234 lifts owned by the council.

Liftec carried out a full modernisation at Nettleton Court, Brighton. This is a 15 storey block with a duplex pair of lifts operating on a skip floor system. This system means that there was one lift only stopping on floors with odd numbers and the other only on even numbers.

Due to their age and with one stopping at only odd floors and the other only stopping at even floors, the lifts had become unreliable. They were very slow and causing concerns for the residents.

Before the works could commence, Liftec’s dedicated modernisation project team had to cut through and open up areas on the landing floor to enable the modernisation to take place. Liftec took great care to ensure that any inconvenience was kept to a minimum.

The project consisted of the replacement of the all of the lift cars landing entrances and lift doors, as well as motor equipment, drives, controllers, pit equipment and everything in the shaft, with the exception of the guide rails.

Often, the heavy drives and controllers are difficult to remove from the building. As a result, we had to use two mobile cranes for the removal of the heavy drive and controllers to safely lift this heavy equipment off the roof and to waiting transport.

This modernisation project transformed the performance of the lifts and changed journey times from one minute to around 15 seconds.