Heritage Lifts

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Liftec specialises in installing, modernising and maintaining lifts for listed and heritage buildings, and has worked with a broad range of the UK’s leading heritage sites.

With our specialist knowledge and highly-skilled team of engineers, we can help preserve a building’s high historical value with the best lift solutions from bespoke lift installations and a cost-effective range of lift modernisation options to revive an existing, to tailored lift maintenance and servicing that matches the building’s special requirements.

UK-Wide Lift Company for the Heritage Sector

As part of our lift services for the heritage sector, a series of passenger flow surveys are undertaken in order to identify the prime access points in the building and ensure that inconveniences to passengers travelling floor to floor are minimised.

Our team works in historic environments with multiple lifts and in some cases, they require an engineer or engineers on standby to assist with lift equipment failure that may disrupt the smooth operation of passengers in and around the building.

If you have a heritage project, please feel free to get in touch with our Liftec Southern or Liftec Northern teams.


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