Is Your Elevator Prepared For Summer?

Is Your Elevator Prepared For Summer?

2018-05-17T14:39:12+01:00 May 17th, 2018|News|

With the mini heat wave we’ve just experienced, our minds are turning towards summer and how your lifts may be affected by temperature fluctuations.

Just like cold weather can affect the performance of your lift, so too can the heat. There are a few key things to be aware of in hot weather:

  • The temperature of your motor room. This is always something to be aware of, especially in extreme temperatures, as it is key in ensuring that your machinery is operating properly.
  • Oil is also a temperature-sensitive component. With specific reference to hydraulic lifts, hot oil can trigger problems that affect the reliability of the lift.

Combat the effects of the heat and take preventative maintenance measures with Liftec.

Find out more about our maintenance services and get in contact with us today to ensure that your lifts continue to run smoothly in the warmer weather.