Vision & Values

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Vision & Values

To offer a fresh face to the lift industry by providing a truly customer focussed, value for money service which is successfully based on coupling experience with new technology.

Liftec strives to position itself to be one of the leading independent lift companies in the UK by offering various services, targeting specific customers and meeting different end user needs and expectations. We always consider health and safety and/or environmental implications and ensure that we remain fully aware of our statutory and regulatory obligations.

Our Aims

  • To be the most successful, privately owned, independent lift company in the UK
  • To raise our geographical profile to support our mission and add value to our services and the UK Lift Industry

Core Values

  • Listening to and valuing our customers
  • Working collaboratively with business partners and clients to share success
  • To provide dependable and honest service, while giving lifelong satisfaction and employment for staff
  • Employing skilled labour to fulfil our contractual obligations and committing to fair terms and conditions in order to establish an essential, qualified core staff base
  • To build internal and external relationships on mutuality and trust

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