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Many of Liftec’s customers are in the retail sector and we have grown to understand the needs of the sector to ensure passengers are always impressed with the performance of a store’s passenger transport.

Nationwide Retail Lift Company

We appreciate that passengers with large bags, pushchairs and disabilities will need to travel in the store lift to get to a department, restaurant and in some cases, toilet facilities. So an unreliable lift makes the travel frustrating and in the extreme case will influence the customer’s choice of whether to visit the store or not. To address these problems and to avoid any maintenance, repairs or modernisation disruption to the store’s turnover opportunity resulting from restricted passenger flow, Liftec can work outside of store hours if required.

Retail Lift Maintenance

When recommending products or services for a retail location, your Liftec Account Manager will take into account your specific needs considering building usage, passenger traffic flow and of course your budget projections.

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