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Project Description

Lift Modernisation


As the number of commercial office buildings in London continues to soar, so does the priority for energy efficiency and safety, like every other major city. Fully functional lifts play an essential role in this.

One of the 50,000+ London commercial buildings is the busy contemporary Metro Building in Hammersmith which has undergone several refurbishments since its original construction in 1981. Like many multi-tenanted medium and high-rise commercial buildings, the lifts can often be in full use from early in the morning to late at night. Unfortunately, at the Metro Building, the four main passenger lifts that serve the 11 storeys were experiencing a series of performance issues. As a result, the Facilities Managers responsible for the Metro Building were looking for a cost-effective lift modernisation.

Liftec were asked to participate in a detailed tendering process with Focus FM, the Metro Building’s consultants, which related to a detailed modernisation requirement for each of the building’s four lifts. After several conversations and site visits, Liftec submitted our tender which resulted in winning the lift refurbishment contract for the four passenger lifts.

The modernisation focused on improving safety, reliability and improved usability. New TVC Ethos 2 4-car group control panels were chosen to manage the new J&L DAF270 gearless motors, Wittur Pegasus door operators and car & landing entrances. To improve passenger usability, new car operating panels and landing push stations were fitted with Dewhurst US91 buttons. New TFT screens and indicator stations were also specified.

With the modernisation completed, Liftec undertook quality and safety testing prior to placing the lifts back into service.

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