Partial Modernisation & Lift Refurbishment

Partial Modernisation & Lift Refurbishment 2022-04-07T10:17:54+01:00
  • lift modernisation and refurbishment

In many cases, the need to improve both the performance and aesthetics of a lift do not always go side by side, which is why our services include a lift refurbishment service.

Why Refurbish Your Lift?

It may be that your lift has become noisy and unreliable or that the door operating system is failing and erratic in function. It could just be a simple case of improving the appearance of a tired car finish; whatever the need, Liftec can help by providing a partial elevator modernisation.

Our experienced modernisation team can offer a range of solutions to address the requirements of any lift installations irrespective of make, age or type.

  • Drives and shaft equipment
  • Car relines and aesthetics
  • Door systems and re-skins
  • Controllers
  • Landing and Car signalisation
  • Operating panels
  • Compliance requirements


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