Energy Efficient Lift Modernisations

Energy Efficient Lift Modernisations 2023-06-23T15:01:11+01:00

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient lift modernisations now feature as key demands with almost all lift modernisations. As a result, Liftec has maintained a close review of both new and emerging products that can assist with improving a building’s green credentials.

Lift Solutions for Greener Buildings

As part of any modernisation, consideration should be given to low energy lighting, lift standby, power saving re-generative drives and the disposal of oils from hydraulic tanks. Hydraulic tanks bring an additional issue for building owners with their associated risks of local contamination of the tank room.

Whatever the need, Liftec will be there to help with an on-site lift survey and diagnosis. We will then provide a written proposal of how best to make your lift as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • Low energy lighting
  • Lift standby
  • Re-generative drives
  • Low power consumption lift controllers


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