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Why Modernise Your Lift?

Unreliable, tired lifts have the ability to transform any building’s status from being pleasant and welcoming to frustrating and unpleasant. And, along with the aesthetic benefits modernising your lift will have, it can also improve lift performance, lift compliance and may be a more economical solution compared to a new lift installation.

Diagnosing the Problem

To help identify what is causing your lift’s performance problems, the experienced Liftec modernisation team can help with a full diagnosis of your lift’s equipment and its status.

Lift Modernisation Solutions

There are several routes or solutions available to remedy a poorly performing lift:

  • Partial Modernisation & Lift Refurbishment – often a full lift modernisation is not required. Whether it be a faulty door operating system or an outdated aesthetic, we can help refurbish your lift with a partial lift modernisation.
  • Lift Replacement – for lifts with a high level of duty, a full lift modernisation may be the best solution.
  • Lift Upgrade – an upgrade can solve many of the problems associated with an older lift and help to reinstate passenger and visitor confidence in the building’s infrastructure.
  • Going Green – if you’re looking to improve your building’s green credentials, we also have energy efficient modernisation solutions.
  • Disability-friendly – we offer disability-friendly modernisation solutions to ensure that your lift is accessible by all passengers, irrespective of their physical status.

Whatever your choice or need for a lift modernisation, Liftec will work hard to help you with the special needs associated with your lift(s) being out of service within an occupied building, particularly when there is only one lift. At the planning stages of your modernisation, we can programme our work with you to harmonise with periods of low occupancy, to avoid inconvenience for lift passengers.

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