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Project Description

Lift Modernisation


Liftec are proud of the long-standing and close partnerships we have developed with many of the UK’s NHS Foundation Trust hospitals. Recently, Liftec have been working with University Hospital Lewisham, a district general hospital operated by the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust and serving over 250,000 people.

Based on our known and successful working practices in a live hospital environment, the Trust’s Building Management and Lift Consultants approached Liftec for a solution that would resolve their lifts’ failing performance levels.

After several conversations, site visits and a competitive tender submission, Liftec won the contract for a full back-to-guides lift refurbishment on nine of the University Hospital Lewisham’s hydraulic and traction bed lifts. The project was carried out over three phases and related to lifts 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 12, 16, 17 and 18.

Lifts 1, 2, 6 and 7 were converted to evacuation lifts, in compliance with the BS EN 81-76 and BS 9999 standards. Part of the modernisation included Liftec engineers installing new Safeline evacuation communication systems and Stentorgate position indicators. Additionally, for these lifts, we installed new lift cars and slings.

To avoid disruption and inconvenience to the Hospital’s staff, visitors and operations, all equipment deliveries were made out of hours. We used specialist lifting equipment to safely move and manoeuvre the old lift machinery out and transport new equipment through the Hospital’s car parks.

These major works for University Hospital Lewisham also included the replacement of the existing lift control panels with new Lester Controls ALMEGA II control systems, matched with Thyssen SC400 gearless motors, GAL car & landing entrances, Wittur Pegasus car & landing entrances and a Bucher Saturn Alpha hydraulic power unit to complete the works.

The final phase of the modernisation project was successfully completed in February 2022.

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