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Project Description

Lift Modernisation


Working in any sheltered housing environment demands great care and respect for each and every resident by the trades and service people who maintain the building and its equipment. As a result, the Facility Managers place reliability and customer service at the top of their selection requirements for lift maintenance.

For almost a decade, Liftec have provided London-based Facilities Management company, Aston Group, with preventative lift maintenance services for a range of passenger and goods lifts within their East London portfolio.

Additional to our maintenance work, we also participate with tendered lift modernisation projects. One of which we were selected for was to undertake a partial lift modernisation of a traction passenger lift in the Southfield Court sheltered housing scheme, Leytonstone, managed by Aston Group.

Southfield Court is a local authority-owned hostel originally constructed in the late 1970s that has 40 self-contained units, supporting the homeless.

The 4-stop passenger lift had become unreliable due to the ageing lift controller and the passenger user interfaces. Liftec Engineers replaced the lift controller with a new TVC Ethos controller to manage the lift. To assist the user experience, we also replaced the landing entrances, door operators and lift car operating and landing call buttons.

The modernisation was completed and tested as planned, resulting in the lift being returned to service with thanks from many of the hostel’s residents.

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