The Benefits of a 21st-century Lift Upgrade

The Benefits of a 21st-century Lift Upgrade

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In this modern world and with medium to high rise buildings older than 30 years old, the interest in lift upgrades has become popular. As a result, moving to digital technology is strongly recommended particularly when upgrading the electronic components used to operate a lift i.e. control panels, door operating systems and displays.

Typically, a lift upgrade can solve many of the problems associated with an older lift and help reinstate passenger and visitor confidence in the building’s infrastructure.

Upgrading the technology of these lift components creates three fundamental benefits which are the following:

Enhanced Lift Performance

A lift upgrade can greatly improve the overall performance just by modernising the control panels and door operating systems. With these upgrades, improvement in reliability, levelling accuracy and accessibility is the typical outcome.

Energy Efficiency

Upgrades to your lift’s control and operating systems can reduce energy consumption, which can lead to lower operating costs. In some instances, it is also possible to modernise and replace older equipment with regenerative systems that significantly reduce overall power consumption.


Ensuring that all lift passengers and maintenance engineers are safe at all times is a number one priority and a lift upgrade is a key factor to help improve safety and essentially, better manage risk in the building.

Irrespective of the problem, Liftec will be there to help with an on-site lift survey and diagnosis and our modernisation team will propose a range of solutions that can address the problem that will reinstate the performance, reliability and safety of your lift.