When is it the ‘right time’ to refurbish your lift?

When is it the ‘right time’ to refurbish your lift?

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Lift users expect a smooth and prompt journey in any lift they travel in. In order for them to continue to enjoy the ride, it is important to identify when a lift has reached the end of its life.

The key signs that it may be the ‘right time’ to refurbish your lift are:

  • When your lift becomes slow and noisy

In this case, if you notice that the waiting times for lifts have extended, it is time to call in the lift engineers. Long waiting times are commonly an early sign that your lift needs to be refurbished.

Following on from this early sign, lifts tend to become noisy when in motion, causing discomfort for the customers/residents present.

  • When you have lift engineers on speed dial

If lift issues occur more than they should, it is a definite sign that the lift(s) could be approaching their end of life. Frequent lift repairs could outweigh the price of a potential lift refurbishment, so the best option is to arrange for a lift status survey and subsequently discuss any problems with an experienced lift specialist.

Our experienced modernisation team can offer a range of solutions to address the requirements of any lift installations irrespective of make, age or type.