Why Universities are turning to us to keep their lifts moving

Why Universities are turning to us to keep their lifts moving

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Over the years, Liftec has provided lift services to several universities across the UK and built strong partnerships within the Higher Education sector. Through our expanding portfolio in this area, we’ve gained an understanding of the demands of a busy university campus, and the vital importance of having fully operational lifts at all times.

As with the retail and hospitality sectors, lift performance can quickly influence both a university’s public reputation and the satisfaction of current staff and students.  Lifts that are regularly ‘out of service’ can disrupt passenger flow around buildings and result in students or staff being behind schedule. This impacts directly on the standards of teaching and learning and quickly leads to negative word-of-mouth among a demographic who miss no opportunity to voice their opinions via the internet and social media.

Most university lifts are located in the heart of lecture buildings and libraries and are one of the first building features introduced to visitors. Regular monitoring of how well they are performing is therefore essential to the institution’s continuing good public image and ability to fulfil its commitment to all building users.

Routine servicing can be achieved through monthly service visits, depending on the contract agreement.

At Liftec, we offer three levels of maintenance contracts; Basic, Standard and Comprehensive which are all tailored to the exact lift requirements of our clients. Click for further information on each of our contracts.