Why Invest in Energy-Efficient Lifts?

Why Invest in Energy-Efficient Lifts?

2021-04-30T14:33:55+01:00 April 30th, 2021|News|

Given that the lift is one of the most popular pieces of technology across the UK, there are still thousands of lift passengers who are unaware of the volume of energy required to fully operate a lift.

With the rising interest and approach towards sustainable living, Liftec have adopted the energy-efficient concept in their products and services as a result of easy access to environmentally friendly lift components such as low power consumption lift controllers, regenerative drives and low energy lighting.

All of these lift components have a unique function that helps make a lift energy efficient and would encourage property and facility managers to choose this lift solution.

Here are examples of the top functions:

  • Using regenerative drives can reduce the level of energy consumption from a lift by up to 70%. The heat generated from lifts is captured by regenerative drives when in use and is then converted into reusable energy for the building, which prevents the heat from being wasted.
  • With a low power consumption lift controller, higher standby power savings and higher drive running power savings are provided which not only improves the ride quality performance but also helps reduce building energy costs.

Liftec actively seeks to improve energy efficiency and by doing so, we offer green lift installation and green lift modernisation solutions to support a range of building environments.