Lift cleaning procedures during COVID-19

Lift cleaning procedures during COVID-19

2020-09-10T13:11:15+01:00 September 9th, 2020|News|

As we all know by now, surfaces and belongings can be contaminated with COVID-19 when people who are infectious cough, sneeze or touch them. Regular cleaning plays a vital role in limiting its transmission.

So, as part of a general building cleaning routine, frequently-touched surfaces should, as a minimum and according to the Government general guidance, be wiped twice a day and one of these should be either at the beginning or the end of the working day.

Lifts contain a few focus areas of critical continuous contact such as landing controls, lift car controls and handrails, and handrails are, of course, the more used element in escalators. If the lift/escalator is located in a public building, then the cleaning and disinfection method should assume that a symptomatic person has used the lift, even without your knowledge.

As a recommendation, you may consider using a cloth with sanitiser. Use the damp cloth with circular movements to clean surrounding glass, colour coated and stainless-steel surfaces. Use disposable cloths or paper roll and disposable mop heads, to clean all hard surfaces, floors, chairs, door handles and fittings – think one site, one wipe, in one direction. You can use cleaning products which are safe for domestic and commercial use to clean the mirrors. Avoid sponges, as extensive moisture can damage electrical parts such as push buttons.

If you’re unsure of how to assess and manage risks in your building’s lift, get in touch with Liftec for dedicated support and advice.