Project Description

Lift Maintenance


Liftec has a long-standing and successful reputation for maintaining and modernising lifts in the Health Care sector.

The Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust have been experiencing reliability issues with regards to lift service visits. This is an NHS Trust Liftec haven’t previously worked for.

Liftec was invited to tender for the contract through the Trust’s Property Management Consultants, CBRE. During the pre-tender period, we visited several of the Trust’s Hospitals to undertake visual surveys which enabled us to correctly estimate for the lift maintenance.

Liftec participated in CBRE’s tendering process for the Trust’s maintenance contract, which we were successfully awarded in 2018. Liftec undertook several lift status and lift cycle reports as part of the contract award. These reports were submitted to CBRE for identification of the lifts with potential refurbishment or modernisation requirements.

This was essential for the Trust as many of the lifts served the dual purpose of transporting passengers i.e. staff, visitors and bedbound patients. As well as the maintenance contract, Liftec has been awarded the contract to modernise several of the Trust’s essential lifts.

Once the contract had been mobilised, the end Client had some budget available to modernise their lifts. Due to the contract being new to our portfolio, it was not possible to ascertain which lifts required upgrading. After three months, we produced a lift reliability report to determine which assets were the most unreliable. We then consulted with the lift engineers, to cross-reference the lifts that were both unreliable and in need of upgrading. This allowed Liftec to produce a report for the Trust, outlining an in-depth survey along with a list of items. The trust was then able to pick and choose according to their budget.