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Project Description

98% lift availability and Liftec’s dedication wins maintenance contract


Since 2011, Liftec has been successfully maintaining the 230 passenger lifts in general needs housing and the 120 mobility units in Area Three within the London Borough of Southwark.

One of the objectives of London Borough of Southwark was to provide their tenants with high levels of availability of the lifts in the residential blocks and private houses that they manage. Since Liftec commenced working for the London Borough of Southwark, we have achieved a level of 98% lift availability across the entire portfolio, achieving the performance standards required for this contract. Liftec was awarded a refurbishment package amounting to a contract value of £800K.

In June 2010, Liftec was awarded the additional Areas in Southwark, resulting in the Company now maintaining 770 lifts and 451 mobility units. Liftec has established a dedicated service department to run the contract with a bespoke team of engineers, a contract manager and contract specific administrators.