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Project Description

Lift Maintenance


Guests and visitors staying or dining in any five-star hotel expect uncompromising standards of service across everything they experience pre, during and after their visit. But when it comes to one of London’s most famous hotels, the Savoy expectations just go through the roof.

So when Liftec were awarded a lift refurbishment at the Savoy in 2010, we were fully aware of the importance to the Hotel’s management of the quality of our workmanship. As we had hoped, Liftec’s customer-centric approach and quality standards were quickly recognised by the Hotel, which resulted in a maintenance contract award for the Hotel’s 16 lifts.

In recognition of Liftec’s quality, five-star service by the Savoy management has underpinned the renewal of our maintenance contacts with this iconic five-star Hotel for 12 years and is something we are all immensely proud of.

To help deliver the five-star service expected by the Savoy, Liftec employs dedicated local engineers to undertake a mixture of out-of-hours and in- hours lift servicing on the passenger and goods lifts. Our principal objective is always to keep our customer’s lifts working safely and reliably, whilst minimising any disturbance to those in close proximity of our work.

In the day-to-day operation of such an iconic hotel as the Savoy, which welcomes some of the world’s most famous people, the lifts have to work perfectly each and every time they are called upon.