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Project Description

Lift Maintenance

University of Westminster

The University of Westminster is one of the UK’s oldest higher education institutions and the first polytechnic to open in the country, specialising in public research.

The University had been experiencing performance and reliability issues with their 58 lifts across the Campus. After detailed meetings and the submission of a competitive tender, Liftec won a five-year maintenance contract.

During the early stages of the contract due to various reliability issues at the Campus, Liftec’s maintenance contract included a resident (business hours) engineer.

Liftec selected an engineer and mate, known for their problem solving and customer communication skills. Throughout the contract, Liftec have successfully retained the same maintenance engineers to look after the University’s lifts.

During the early stages of the contract, we had regular meetings with our Client to prioritise and agree on a repair plan to tackle the poor reliability.
Over time and as a direct success of our maintenance and repairs programme, Liftec engineers gained spare capacity within our contract. The decision was made to utilise this time for observational and lift performance monitoring in preparation for our routine maintenance. Our engineers also undertook improved levels of housekeeping which included painting pits, motor rooms and cleaning of lift finishes.

Chronological Progress

2003 Tendered Contract Award
2008 Tendered Contract Extension
2011 Tendered Contract Lost on price
2012 Contact re-awarded due to poor performance
2015 Tendered Contract Extension
2017 Tendered Contract Lost on price
2019 Contact re-awarded due to poor performance

Throughout our contract periods, Liftec have consistently been complemented on our high level of maintenance. This has assisted in reducing the level of breakdowns inconveniencing students, staff and visitors to the University and its Campus.