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Project Description

Lift Maintenance


York St. John University is Yorkshire’s oldest higher education institution and has specialised in Teaching and Education studies for 175 years.

Liftec took over the maintenance contract for 18 lifts across the University in 2016, after being recommended for our reliability. Our initial tasks were to address the poor reliability of 18 of the University’s essential passenger lifts. They had been underperforming for some time and this was not resolved by the previous lift service provider.

Liftec engineers identified and corrected the various issues causing poor reliability of the 18 troublesome lifts, following several service visits to the site. We quickly resolved the service problems experienced by the University.

We were awarded a new 3-year maintenance contract for the University’s lifts in January 2019. Additional to our problem solving, the University was impressed with our response times to calls and entrapments, particularly those originating from the student’s accommodation residencies.

Liftec has tailored the contract to provide a mixed level of maintenance cover, suiting the University’s special requirements to assist the University. There is a combination of essential high usage and less critical low usage lifts, where we are working with both Comprehensive and Standard cover contracts to give the University the ideal financial solution for their lift maintenance.