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Project Description

Lift Modernisation at the Visas and Immigration Service


Apollo House is a 22-storey office complex located on Wellesley Road in Croydon. Housing the headquarters of the UK’s Visas and Immigration Service. As part of Liftec’s ongoing and longstanding lift maintenance provision for the Home Office, we undertake modernisation projects.

Liftec were instructed to carry out a lift modernisation project for a group of six lifts originally installed by Express Lifts.

The lifts had undergone various modernisation programmes designed to improve their aesthetics, reliability and energy efficiency prior to the commencement of the current maintenance contract Liftec holds.

The most recent modernisation prior to Liftec was to improve energy efficiently had not achieved the energy savings the Home Office required.

Liftec was invited to tender for the modernisation of all six lifts to resolve the energy efficiency issues following the previous energy efficiency upgrade to DC-SCR regenerative technology. The modernisation included lift car aesthetics, interface between the lift call system and the controllers.

Liftec was successful in obtaining the contract to modernise the six lifts. We worked closely with Lester Controls and Elevate Consulting Ltd throughout the project.

Liftec agreed a Lester Controls Quattro DC (utilising Magnetek’s PWM-DC drives) for the controller. The PWM-DC drive takes advantage of regenerative kinetic energy to augment mains power supply.

An energy efficient feature included; was Lester Controls serial direct to floor controller software. This software significantly reduces floor-to-floor travel. The software assisted with other modernisation objectives to improve ride quality. By providing seamless acceleration and de-acceleration of the lift car.

Liftec’s construction engineers ensured minimum disruption was caused to employees and visitors of Apollo House during the project. Throughout the project Liftec’s experienced local Service engineer who routinely maintains the six high rise lifts was on call to assist should there have been any problems on site.