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Project Description

Lift Modernisation


B3 Living is a national housing association that works to support and assist with the Local Housing shortages within the Hertfordshire and Essex areas. Based in Broxboune, Hertfordshire, B3 Living owns and manages over 4,600 homes that provide affordable living in both existing and new properties.

In 2017, Liftec were awarded the contract to modernise six existing lifts across three of B3 Living’s properties which included Holdbrook Court, Melbourne Court and Swannell Court.

Holdbrook Court Modernisation

Holdbrook Court is a 3-storey block served by a hydraulic passenger lift. The full lift modernisation focused on performance and safety issues, which included the replacement of the existing hydraulic lift system with a new MRL traction lift and a Lester Controls MRL lift controller. We additionally installed Dewhurst push buttons and a Safeline Autodialler.

Melbourne Court Modernisation

Again, the modernisation was to address reliability issues of two traction passenger lifts, each serving 5 floors in an occupied residential apartment block. Liftec engineers installed new Sassi Lift Systems gearless machines matched to Lester Controls ALMEGA II lift controllers and ILE landing. We also replaced the lift car’s guide shoes to improve ride quality.

Swannell Court Modernisation

Swannell Court is a sheltered housing complex for residents of the age of 55 plus, divided into two blocks, North and South. Each low-rise block had a hydraulic lift serving the residents. Like our project at Holdbrook Court, the decision was made to undertake a full modernisation of the lifts and move to MRL traction technology. The replacement modules included a CTV mechanical lift package matched with a Lester Controls lift controller, Ziehl Abegg motors and Wittur lift car doors which are specially designed for residential applications.

All six lift modernisations were undertaken in fully occupied buildings, which required our engineers to take extra care to avoid disturbance to the residents, particularly those in Swannell Court.


Photo: Typical housing association property, similar to those maintained by Liftec.