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Project Description

Lift Modernisation


Southern Housing Group is one of England’s largest housing associations providing more than 28,000 homes for over 70,000 people across the South East. The main areas in which the Group works include Hackney, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Portsmouth, Reading, Islington, Isle of Wight, Greenwich, Brighton & Hove and Barking & Dagenham. 

Liftec are well-known for our work in the residential sector with housing associations. Our work in this sector includes routine monthly maintenance and lift modernisations, ranging from a straightforward drive upgrade to a full lift replacement. 

We understand the needs of our customers in this sector, when we were asked by Southern Housing Group to tender for several lift modernisation projects. We knew exactly what was wanted both in budgetary terms and experience. 

Our reputation and success with other housing groups was fully recognised by Southern Housing’s property managers. Our experience and competitive pricing won the tender with Southern Housing Group, for the lift modernisation works in three of the association’s properties – Garland House, Millington House and Catley Court. 

Modernisation works at Garland House, Stoke Newington 

Garland House is a six-storey local authority residential block in Stoke Newington. The lift being modernised is a heavy duty passenger lift, which had become unreliable. Our works included the replacement of an old traction drive with a new German LiftEquip geared drive and replacement of the existing lift control panel with a new Lester Controls ALMEGA II traction controller. We also installed new GAL car and landing door equipment, new Atwell International safety gear systems and undertook some steel fabrication work. 

Millington House Modernisation, Stoke Newington 

Millington House is a five-storey residential block, directly opposite Garland House, which again, is served by an ageing passenger lift, but in this instance, powered by a hydraulic system. 

The modernisation, apart from the drive type, was almost the same as that at Garland House but on this occasion, we installed a BUCHER VF hydraulic system, configured to a Lester ALMEGA II hydraulic controller. All of the other elements were the same as Garland House. 

Lift Modernisation at Catley Court, Bexhill 

The four-storey retirement property, Catley Court, is situated in Bexhill, East Sussex and consists of 38 studio flats. 

Our works related to almost a full modernisation of the block’s essential passenger lift. This included the installation of a new Bucher VF hydraulic system and a Lester ALMEGA II hydraulic controller. 

Similar to the modernisation work completed on the lift in Millington House, we replaced the lift’s existing hydraulic system and lift controller, and upgraded them with a Bucher VF hydraulic system and an open protocol Lester Controls ALMEGA II lift controller along with Wittur lift door entrances. We also undertook a full car reline along with some steel fabrication work. 

Throughout the course of the refurbishment works across all three properties, our engineers took care to prevent noise and disturbance issues for the various tenants and occupiers.