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Project Description

Liftec helps by accommodating the old and installing the new


The time to modernise and refurbish had arrived for the Savoy, so for this famous London hotel a request went out to tender for the modernisation and installation of the hotel’s high quality passenger and goods lifts.

The project was for 11 new machine-room-less lifts and the modernisation of the hotel’s remaining passenger and goods lifts, which all had to be completed during its total refurbishment.

Liftec were successful in winning the tender for the entire lift project which required us to utilise our specialist design, manufacturing and construction project management skills. Our design team played a significant role in the project, helping with the design and specification needs of the bespoke new lifts that were being installed in the existing and the new lift shafts being built. Liftec project managers also controlled the modernisation works on the existing lifts that was undertaken at the same time as the new installation work advanced. During the project, Liftec followed a detailed time line to accommodate all of the other major contractors carrying out refurbishment works at the same time on this site.